A light wind for the third day of the competition

mercredi 25 octobre 2017

The wind was very light for the third day of the Hansa European Championship in Mèze.

Because of a lack of wind in the morning, the 135 sailors had to wait under a nice sun before going on the water. Early in the afternoon the Hansa 303 and the Liberty were sent on the water in order to do some races. Despite everything, two races were done in very light wind.

Violeta Del Reino from Spain in Hansa 303 found the day very difficult : « today there was really no wind at all and it was really difficult. We managed to do to races which is good.We had to fight to stay focused all the time despite the very little wind. »

Paul Phillips from the United Kingdom in Liberty found the day quite long : « The wind today was very light and very shifty. It was not easy to anticipate in order not to miss anything. It was even more difficult than yesterday because the wind was lighter. The races were really long and we almost had to abandon one because of the time limit. However there was a really shiny sun which is good! »

Unfortunately, when the Liberty and the Hansa 303 arrived ashore in order to let the Hansa 2.3 and the Hansa 303 two person go on the water, the wind completely vanished and the race committee was obliged to end the day.

We are now at in the middle of the championship and only two out of the four series have validated it. The weather conditions for tomorrow announce a very light wind and everybody hopes that there will be enough wind in order to do many races.





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