Sport and cultural activities

Having just a look … a kind look.

Having just a look at disabled people, a look which often goes away… to a wise look on the disabled people to recognize someone, just like you and me, someone with his/her character, his/her emotions, her/his smile.

Organized with the Mèze town (culture centre), a philosophy aiming at having disabled and valid people meet and discuss, takes place during the October 2017 month.

Exhibitions of all kinds: sports meetings with schools, with business world will take place also under the sponsorship of the "handisport departmental committee", and various clubs from Mèze.

Theses actions may be a favourite place for mixing people from all origins and all conditions during this month and favour the Disabled/valid communication. 

The content is being finalized and will be progressively updated.

World Sailing                                 CLASSE HANSA                            classe int


             CNDS                              prnsh                             Ville Meze               

 cd34           herault tourisme          hero sport             



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